Randolph County Fair

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  1.  All livestock entries should be in place in accordance with the individual entry rules; however, there must not be any arrivals beyond the deadline, weigh-in will be done after check-in is completed.
  2. No entry fee will be charged for any animal or other exhibit at the Randolph County Fair & Livestock Show;  however there will be a pen/stall fee.
  3. The livestock chairman and committee members will be on hand and responsible for checking in & collecting fee's.  The fee's must be paid before judging takes place. ANY ANIMAL WHOSE OWNER HAS NOT PAID THE STALL/PEN FEE WILL NOT BE ALLOWED TO PARTICIPATE IN THE COMPETITION.
  4. All livestock exhibits must be left in place until designated check-out time.  Owners who remove their animals or other exhibits before designated time will forfeit all premium money along with any money that was bid in the blue ribbon sale.
  5. The exhibitor must own the livestock exhibited at least thirty (30) days prior to the show.
  6. The Randolph County Fair Association will attempt to provide acceptable accommodations for all entries providing they are PREREGISTERED.  Space is limited.
  7. Due care will be taken to prevent injury to livestock exhibited and all other exhibits, security will be provided overnight, however, the R.C.F.A. will not be responsible for accidents, injury, or loss of any exhibit.
  8. No animal will be awarded ribbons or points unless it is shown.
  9. The decision of the judges will be final and all points or ribbons will be paid according to the placing of the judges.
  10. In case of no competition in a class, the judge may award placement on this basis or deem that the exhibit does not qualify for judging at this time.
  11. Ribbons will be awarded to 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th place, Grand Champion and Reserve Champion. Winners in the livestock department, unless otherwise stated in the department, will be awarded to the male and female of each beef, swine, and dairy divisions.
  12. Exhibitors may earn premium points for no more than 2 entries per class.
  13. Premiums will be paid on the point basis.  The value of a point will be determined based on Premium money available and entries.
  14. All Premium Checks not cashed after 30 days from issue will be voided.  Any check held from one year to the next is void.
  15. The owner must provide care and feed for livestock including poultry, rabbits, and turkey. Stalls, pens, and cages must be kept clean and have fresh bedding. Waste materials must be put in designated area. 
  16. All livestock exhibitors are required to notify the R.C.F.A. officials the number of livestock that they plan to exhibit, so proper facilities may be provided for each animal. Spaces are limited so we ask for your cooperation. Exhibitors are to complete and return the pre-registration forms to Randolph County Fair Association, P.O. Box 398 Pocahontas, AR 72455. The R.C.F.A. reserves the right to reject an animal that we feel would be a discredit or harmful to exhibit. All cattle must be broke to lead if they are to be exhibited in the show.
  17. Out of the county exhibits are welcome and encouraged to participate in the open class division; however, ribbons alone will be given as a prize, no premium points or money will be available. This goes along with State Fair Rules and Regulations.
  18. Only Purebred, Pureblood, (one Purebred parent) or an animal equal to Breed Association Handbook will qualify and be admitted (poultry and rabbits excluded).
  19. Any animal owner who wants to keep animals on the fairgrounds beyond check-out time and who will stay with the animal until the next day is welcome to do so. Check with Jim DeJournett or Doty Reed for arrangements.
  20. All Poultry must be bled before entering the fairgrounds. The test is the responsibility of the owner. Chickens will be tested Wednesday of the fair from 5 p.m. - 8 p.m. Please contact Megan Huddleston for more information.
  21. Sawdust for beds will be provided. Remember: it is to be shared so please be generous and make it go around.
  22. Pens and Stalls must be cleaned out prior to receiving premium checks.
  23. Exhibitors must provide a legible copy of required permits on each animal exhibited to be kept by the R.C.F.A. chairperson of the fair.
  24. Blue ribbon winners must have been present throughout the fair to maintain and care for their animals, in order to participate in the sale.
  25. All market animals must have baby teeth.

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